Monday, 25 June 2007

Literary Life

How does one begin to wrote a blog? As when one may begin a diary, my mind is bursting with things to say, yet I feel I cannot spill them out to my reader until some form of introduction is achieved. The name of the blog is The Literary Life because I wish to get people to read more, to share my thoughts on literature with others, and hopefully hear their opinions in return. Too often is the power of a book underestimated and merely dismissed. I hope my readers, however few they may be, endeavour to make picking up a book a habit. Of course what I suspect will be more likely is that the readers I manage to acquire (if any) will be of literary minds. I hope these people will take time to get in touch with me as I love to hear comments from like-minded people. Let me know what you are reading, enlighten me with your thoughts, be needlessly pretentious in this anonymous environment (as I plan to be!). Enjoy x

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