Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Dear Reader, I have completed Jane Eyre. And in a moment of utter madness picked up a copy of Sartre's Nausea. Whoops. So now this has been added to the holiday reading list, which is ever increasing. My thoughts on Jane Eyre having read it as...dare I say it?...an adult...Nay, a mere 21 year old, rather than an eight year old, which I was when I first ventured it. My thoughts are entirely positive. Of course as everyone says, it is completely ahead of its time (but we know that, yawn I hear you say). My it is pouring outside. I like the idea of the 'Madwoman in the Attic', and how Jane's earlier thoughts of a ghost are entirely disposed of. A similar idea to Austen's Northanger Abbey perhaps. Also a small beam of realism is starting to emerge. This is evident in Jane's character more than anything else. Stoic, refusing to believe anything good can happen to her, yet soft hearted and believing in others when required. The fantasy element is being phased out and authors are starting to realise that plausible everyday events are enough to make a book exciting without a myth or fantasy thread. A trace of the coming of age 'Bildungsroman' is also apparent, which gives a nice idea of the target audience (young women, I think), despite Charlotte publishing it under the male pseudonym Currer Bell. Any more thoughts on Jane Eyre? I'll keep you updated with any further ones I may have. I wish it would stop bloody raining, I'm going out tonight! Any thoughts on how to stop the rain? Adieu x

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